Parallel Worlds Are Between Us

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How can we increase the demand for unity even more?

Answer: A person never does anything unless it comes from a feeling of necessity. You have to ask yourself the question and clearly have the following picture before your eyes, “Where do we reveal the upper world? When do we reveal it? In what do we reveal it? What is the Creator?”

If you answer these questions, then you will arrive at the fact that the inner connection between us is the single soul in which the Creator becomes revealed, and He is the common force of nature that is already now bringing all of us together, pushing us to unite, while we oppose it.

All the people in the world feel this way. Look at the dependency that exists, at the things happening in the world, and the unpredictable, sudden events in nature. All of this is in order to force us to think about it, to come closer to each other, and answer the question, “What do we have to do?”

More and more people in the world are asking, “Why is this happening?” And eventually this “Why?” will lead us to the right answer: that we aren’t similar to nature and are, in fact, opposite to it.

If we feel this, if we depict this clear picture to ourselves and it is constantly facing us, if we talk about it, discerning more and more of its aspects, details, and dependencies, then we will gradually become part of it and it will live inside us. We will demand for it to be realized inside us.

This is the aspiration for it to be realized inside you, for this inner connection between all of us to come true. This is the revelation of the common soul.

When a person starts to feel this necessity, his aspiration is called “MAN” and it evokes the Light that Reforms (Ohr Makif).

However, if we cannot correctly depict the system of the universe as being one, single, closed, integral scheme in which we are all small elements, like totally interconnected little wheels, if this fact is not crystal clear to you, then of course the question of unity seems purely theoretical and sounds entirely silly, like a boy-scout motto.

It has to be felt as a necessity. Otherwise we do not attain the goal. Otherwise, everything is in vain.

We simply have to see this picture in the world today because the world does not change. When we think about the upper world, we think it is detached from this world, but it is not! Rather, it is a more internal part of it, the place where we are all united together. It’s like several screens on a computer where on the first screen we are disconnected and see our world. On a more internal screen we already see our unity with each other, and so on, as we reveal increasingly internal screens.

Therefore, we must now already imagine that everything depends on how we relate to the world. If we really imagine this picture and desire to go from the first screen to the second, then we are raising MAN. This is aspiration and progress forward. This is already the movement that evokes in response an illumination from the second screen upon me that attracts and corrects me. That is how it works.
From the talk at the meal in Moscow on 1/14/11

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