Myths And Reality

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Unfortunately, I was brought up to believe that the Creator is an old man sitting somewhere in the sky. Now that I study Kabbalah, I understand that this is a false perception. How can I get rid of these childhood stereotypes?

Answer: This isn’t related to one’s childhood. Humanity developed such myths a long time ago. It is natural for us to imagine the existence of something in this way. Stories have been told from generation to generation about an existing force which people associate with images that have arms and legs, all according to one’s understanding.

The Creator has no image or form. The Creator is Nature, and since both words have the same numeric value, they represent the same object. The Creator is the general law of Nature, and Nature is a force. We are forces as well, even though it seems to us that images, matter, and nature exists at the still, vegetative, and animate levels. Just as we see various images on the television screen, we see everything in this world exactly the same way. We imagine it in our heads.

The image of the Creator as an old man in the sky is a grave mistake and creates a warped perception of reality. The wisdom of Kabbalah was concealed, and even Judaism didn’t explain to people who the Creator is. This led people to believe these myths. Similar beliefs still exist among the nation.

We associate things with the Creator that we would normally associate with people in our world: If I give Him something, then He’ll give me blessings, or if I give a dollar, then He’ll give me two. We think that if we bribe Him, we’ll get better treatment from Him and life will take a turn for the better.

However, with each passing day it’s becoming increasingly clear that our relationship with the Creator has to be built only in the direction of our correction. He demands but one thing from us: to be one man with one heart and love thy neighbor as thyself.
From the Introductory Lecture “Why the Creator is Hidden” 12/14/2010

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