Make Yourself A Different World

Dr. Michael LaitmanUltimately, we paint a picture of reality for ourselves when the Light comes in contact with the will to receive, similar to how in our world the light projects a movie upon a screen. Yet, unlike with the cinema, the Upper Light paints the image not on a screen outside, but inside of us, thereby creating a picture of reality on our matter, the will to receive pleasure.

This is why we see a live world and living creatures “in front of us” (this is how we perceive what we sense inside of us), and not the images on a flat surface. Imagine for a moment that you are drawing a little puppy that is running around you. You are creating it; it isn’t a picture, but a creature made of flesh, blood, and bones which has a mind and feelings because it is within your matter (desire). Essentially, this is all we are doing since there is nothing but desire and the Light.

If your desire awakens, rises, and reaches at least a minimal measure of bestowal, it creates new images, new creatures, together with the Light. You see for yourself, as if from aside, how your various desires change on the contact with the Light and create various forms of life. Can you imagine what reality you are living in? Before your eyes, the worlds are changing with their entire content, all of which is created by you.

Surely, you are fully aware that previously, you had also existed in a world being created in your matter. So, a question arises: Am I creating these forms, making them anew, or had they existed before and are just now unfolding in this form, along the growth of my desire and ascent on the ladder of spiritual rungs?

At each spiritual degree, I encounter new forms, a new world. Did I make this new world that I am discovering, or had it existed before me, and I am only now discovering it? The answer is that I only uncover it. But for myself, I am indeed creating it since for me, it lives in my desires.
From Kabbalah for Beginners, “Perception of Reality” 10/20/10

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