Learning From The Creator

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How can I see an example of the Creator’s work? In my everyday life can I tell what He is now trying to show me?

Answer: You will recognize the Creator’s example directly in your sensation. My soul is structured in such a way that inside it begins to feel a certain part of a higher soul that shows it an example. Then I follow its example, looking at it like a child looks at an adult. And when a child receives an example from the adult, he wants to do the same thing.

However, you cannot find such examples in our life because you still don’t have the qualities of bestowal. You will only be able to discern them when you have the Kli that can help you become similar to Him. Then you will see His example according to the equivalence of form.

We have been given just one example. When we experience despair, then on its background we are brought to the group that studies the science of Kabbalah. Then you are told: “Start uniting with the friends and studying Kabbalistic books together.” Only then, with the help of the right study, by building connections with the friends and starting to reject your ego, the Light will come to you and help you overcome your egoistic desire. And only after that will you be able to acquire upper qualities.

However, it is only possible to receive the Creator’s example when you have a Kli in which you can realize it. By proving that you have the opportunity to become similar to Him, you will acquire an image according to which you will build your equivalence with the Creator.
From the lecture in “Kabbalah L’Am” Hall on 12/14/10

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