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Dr. Michael LaitmanOnce a person gains experience, he sees that he is unable to do anything by himself. All of his notions of good and evil are built on personal benefit, and therefore the ascents and descents that he experienced were actually unreal. He evaluated his good attitude to spirituality, the inner ascent, as “day,” while his negative attitude to spirituality seemed like “night.” But that is incorrect.

“Night” is a state where a person makes discernments, firmly knowing that they are egoistic and that he is unable to ascend above his egoism. And if he is able, then it is only thanks to the Light that grows slightly stronger and gives him these moments. The Creator helps a person to “peek” out of himself to the outside, and only then does he merge with bestowal. This is “day” for him.

I have to be ready for the constant “therapy” of the Creator, who takes my evil that hides beneath the grain of good and transforms it to bestowal, revealing new goodness to me. It is impossible to convey these things. They come only as a result of inner work. Until then, Rabash writes that “You cannot greet a friend” because your “friend” is not good yet. First you have to attain peace (Shalom) or perfection (Shlemut) with the Creator, and then you will reach conciliation with your “enemies,” meaning you will return to your egoistic desires above which you have ascended. You will take them and complete your work with them.

At first a person greets his “friend,” meaning his desire, acquiring bestowal for the sake of bestowal. Then he also greets him with reception for the sake of bestowal, meaning that he returns to his desires and works with them. That is how he attains the final correction.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/23/11, Writings of Rabash

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