Find Your World In The Blink Of An Eye

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Will any person who dropped in at the Kabbalah convention feel joy?

Answer: We are inviting everybody. Anyone may come and join us. There are people who have been participating in this process for 15 years; they have reached higher levels already. However, there are those who will be new to this, and, perhaps, they don’t even realize why they came.

I am very happy for them and envy them. They can, so to speak, “find their world in the blink of an eye.” They can come and join the others, similar to how a child who was born in the 21st century receives everything that our civilization has prepared for him in the last twenty centuries, ready-made to enjoy. Why is this so? It’s because he was born just now and it is his right.

The same goes for people who find themselves at the convention for the first time. They don’t understand anything, but since we had prepared the entire infrastructure for them, laid all the necessary conditions, and established a connection between us, they connect to us like newborns, having no idea what is going on, but receiving all the benefits nonetheless.

This is why I am happy for them and envy them. I had to exert tremendous effort, sweat, and suffer until I achieved something, and I see how easy it is for a new person to enter this process and understand it. Where does such understanding come from? It comes out of thin air, just because he connects with the others.
From Kabbalah for Beginners, “Happiness” 10/28/10

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