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Dr. Michael LaitmanWhen we listen to environmental news on television and radio, we need to understand that people confuse the cause and the effect and don’t see the purpose. Their objective is to balance everything in order to return to a comfortable state. But Kabbalah’s perspective on this is entirely different.

When we speak about returning the world to a good state, we do not pursue the same objective as the rest of the world. We understand that the external force of Nature specifically created the current situation according to a particular program. Kabbalists foretold this and gave us very precise time frames, even predicting the actual year of occurrences. The Zohar mentions events 1,800 years before they actually took place.

The problem is not the contamination of our environment. How could Kabbalists have such specific knowledge about this? The purpose of the program of Nature is not for us to contaminate or clean something. And this is why it will not help to invest money into anti-pollution measures. It is the same as making new laws against theft and drug use. We know that this does not help. By incarcerating people you separate them from society, but you cannot teach them through this.

And this is why we do not regard natural occurrences as moral warnings, but only as the reason for us to change within in relation to others. We will never be able to do anything good to us or nature by stopping pollution. From the beginning, everything is made this way in order to raise us into the next world, instead of turning us into good egoists in this world.

Here is a serious difference between our attitude towards the occurrences and the attitude of the rest of the world. Even once the world realizes the forthcoming catastrophe, they will only want to go back, “erase the smut” of nature. But we perceive all of this as a reason, a message to correct ourselves, rise above, and create balance between us on the human level, instead of creating balance with the environment.

And this is why a little time is needed to understand what Kabbalah speaks about. We will not be able to explain it to people in a quick and easy manner.
From Lesson 2, Berlin Convention 1/28/2011

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  1. What is ironic, is that the correction of the energy infrastructure in order to be in adhesion with nature and the upper force will also correct the contamination. It is all a result of not truly loving one another. If we did, we’d couple to the infinite abundance and all of these issues would vanish.

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