An Insurance Policy From The Creator

Dr. Michael LaitmanA person has to take care to provide himself with the vital necessities according to the normal living standards customary in our day. It is customary to have some kind of insurance (such as medical insurance and a pension fund), although it is impossible to insure yourself for everything in life.

Obtain a small insurance at the "upper registry" from the Creator, and to this degree you will feel how you should realistically relate to this life. It’s not simple to understand the meaning of "vital necessity," but humanity will have to gradually start attaining this.

Otherwise, we won’t attain balance with nature, the Creator. The Creator gave us life where a part of it is called "material" and takes place in an "imaginary" world. But we have to play as if we are living real lives in this imaginary world.

You cannot say that the Creator will take care of everything and you do not need any insurance or health fund. The Creator has set up this entire game for us and I have to accept it with full seriousness and carry out all its conditions.

Of course, the Creator is responsible for everything, including my upbringing and safety, and He has to provide total coverage for me. But no matter what, I have to play according to the rules He has established and take care of the vital necessities.

It’s as if the Creator has removed Himself from this material life and tells us: "Take care of this yourself, and I will take care of everything else." And obviously, that is not true. But He wants me to play this game and provide for myself in the material world. That is how I correct myself.

First of all, you have to take care of the vital necessities: obtain a profession and a salary, and create a family. After that you can study Kabbalah and correct your soul. Until then, you do not have the necessary foundation.

However, if you start to worry about the material things more than the necessary, you will receive such great problems and burdening of the heart that they will completely obstruct the sky, the Creator, for you. You will no longer be able to think about spiritual work. On the other hand, if you provide for yourself on the normal, rational level, then this work helps you to advance.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah lesson 1/4/11, “The Wisdom of Kabbalah and Philosophy”

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  1. If am already involved in studying the morning lesson and in group activities, should I quit the study and the group until I get married and I get a decent job? IF yes should I at least keep studying some material, in the meanwhile?

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