A Spiritual Week: Preparing For A Saturday Feast

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe sages said: “One who did not toil on the eve of Shabbat (Saturday), what will he eat on Shabbat?” In our world, time flows on its own. We grow, mature, get old, and die. Time controls everything. The same could be said about other laws governing our life.

We are governed without our participation which makes us the still, vegetative, and animate degrees of evolution. In the drawing, they are marked as number one (1) and colored black. Man arranges his life against “others” or anything outside of himself.

Further on, we start drawing the Light that Reforms by working in the group, thereby receiving a vessel of the soul from it. Then, we turn to the Creator, raise MAN (Mayin Nukvin, Female Waters), and receive help, MAD (Mayin Duchrin, Male Waters), from Him.

Finally, after all the events, troubles, thoughts, and desires in us and the world, we begin to realize that they come from the Creator, the singular Cause. This Cause sends them to us through “another” so that by rising above him, we could establish a connection and make decisions with the Creator.

Thus, we move onto the second type of governance and rise above the reason by which we had lived before. We work against our intelligence and desire and justify the Upper Governance since we realize that all its actions are designated to elevate us to adhesion with the Creator. In that case, all things unpleasant for our egoism help us ascend and build an attitude to the Creator above reason.

We do this work during the “week,” in all the properties of the soul. By the sixth day, we reach Yesod which includes all the previous stages, and we feel how the others and the Creator merge as one whole. Thereby, the third type of governance unfolds.

Finally, on Sabbath (Saturday) eve, we enter the fourth stage. We see for ourselves that the upper governance includes us as well. As a result, when Sabbath comes, we are one with the Creator due to everything that we went through during the week.

Thus, in small seven-day doses, we undergo the total transformation of our soul. Each week becomes the foundation for the next, until we arrive at the final Sabbath (Sabbath Sabbathon).
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/3/2011, “He Who did not Toil on Shabbat Eve, What will He Eat on Shabbat?”

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