613-Dimensional Puzzle Of The Integral Soul

Dr. Michael LaitmanWhere is our free will, after all? It wasn’t my will to come into this world, nor did I pick my life setting: family, country, and ethnicity. I am made of my parent’s genes which define absolutely all my qualities. I was raised by the environment where I found myself: my home, the kindergarten, and school, none of which was up to me. Nothing in me is my own!

By the time I grow up, I am completely formed, a finished product, like a pie from the oven. But this isn’t all! In fact, as the wisdom of Kabbalah teaches us, we are all interconnected cogwheels; we are parts of one integral soul that was broken into pieces. It is as if we became a “puzzle” printed as one whole image to later be cut into small fragments.

So, each of us is assigned a very specific place in which we fit with all our properties and attributes, 613 desires, that make us depend on one person, the second and third, in order to link with them. Everyone depends on all for this puzzle to be complete. And it isn’t just a one dimensional puzzle since we don’t connect by mere contours: Each of us has “613” facets by which one is adjacent to all. Imagine such a 613 dimensional space.

Then what is the freedom that we are talking about if I am merely a tiny piece in the puzzle forced to totally match all the others in my properties? Hence, when free will is being discussed, it doesn’t pertain to a person per se and his personal, independent choice. This is one freedom shared by all; it is determined by all of us together!

Even if a person can make some move, it has to correspond with all the other parts, all the other souls and their properties. If I move in some direction, the movement must occur in the entire system. Now we need to find out: What constitutes my free will after all?
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/7/2011, “The Freedom”

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  1. Is then a matter as say a quantum entanglement. That is, it may be understood in terms of two particles (theoretically, a limitless number) that are indeterminant regarding a certain binary property, yet their end measurements will sum to fulfill a conservation rule. Say the binary property is ‘+’ or ‘-‘, but the two together will be zero.

    So to speak, A’s choice of + or -, is really B’s choice of, respectively, – or +. In truth it is A become Adam, that is B become Adam, that is making the choice of {A=+,B=-} or {A=-,B=+).

    Is this an appropriate train of thought?

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