When The Alarm Rings

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn their books, Kabbalists only write about the soul. They do not touch our world which is below the life line. It is an illusion given to us temporarily so we would begin to awaken from this dream and build a true life.

Now, think how to value your friends who can help you awaken toward a new life. Understand that you are together in a dream, and only a tiny spark that you have been given can help you come out of it. This is similar to the times when you sleep, and you understand that you can wake up if you try. This “clue” that can help you wake up is the “point in the heart.”

When you connect all the points that wish to awaken and demand for the “alarm to ring,” the Upper Force will awaken you. It will pull you out of this dream. Otherwise, we will all just continue sleeping.

The only possibility to reveal the spiritual world is being in this dream. There is nothing lesser than it, lesser than the beastly existence, lower than this illusionary life.

The only thing that will remain after death is what you have attained in the spiritual world while in this life. Where would something else come from? Why does it not exist now? How does your animate body get in the way? Why do you need to suffer now to enjoy later?

We only have what we perceive within the desire to receive pleasure. If, in addition to the perception of my corporeal life, I will also acquire a spiritual one, then I will definitely have it. It does not depend on the corporeal life. There are two types of desires: one is “for your own sake,” and the other “for the sake of bestowal.”

This means that, for now, I will continue living simultaneously in two worlds, and once the body dies, I will continue living just in the spiritual world. The animate body dies and ceases to perceive this reality in its five senses, similar to as if I had lost my hearing now. This way, all the corporeal sensations disappear.

Egoistic desire cannot exist forever; it has a limit. However, once you acquire the desire to bestow, it is eternal.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/25/10, “Body and Soul”

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  1. Dear Rav-

    There is a growing concern among economists that the United States will soon experience hyper-inflation. I am concerned that if those of us who study can’t put food on the table how can we study? I feel that we should start preparing …possibly stock piling food etc. I know this is corporeality that I am concerned with but I am worried that the future blows will make it difficult to study. The future may make it even hard to connect to the lessons. However, this may be precisely the obstacle we need to advance. On the other hand, if the Creator is putting these alarming thoughts in my head how can I ignore these thoughts to prepare for the worst? I have 3 small children. Should we be preparing for such a disaster or should I be directing all that energy toward the desire for correction? Kavana- Kim

  2. There is a point related above which keeps coming back and I think that perhaps a bit confusing.

    It seems that continued existence depends on the (group (“root?”)) soul established between the members of a group. Yet, with or without the group, with or without reaching spirituality, there appears to be a configuration of Reshimot that constitute a memory of our final state that does constinue to exist, at least dormantly, in spirituality, and remanifest in the next incarnation.

    Point of question, if we individually, in reception, have no soul — how is there any nondisintegrated animal part that is somehow “the individual” reborn into a later life?

    Is it that, in fact, we do continue — but “asleep” outside of this world, in a sort of “limbo,” but can only exist consciously outside of it once we have established an environment there as a result of an environment here: Group->Bestowal->Revelation of the Creator?

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