Waiting For Open Heart Surgery

Dr. Michael LaitmanIs it possible to attain peace in our world and the upper worlds? “Peace” means absolute fullness and perfection, which is not when I feel good but a moment later am already unsatisfied. If it’s perfection, then it’s forever.

Is it possible to attain this, and is it programmed in nature, or is it just some unrealistic dream I have while in fact, I won’t ever feel good? Furthermore, if peace in the world is possible, then how can we reach it?!

We see how the situation in the whole world is deteriorating. It would seem as if humanity has all the opportunities to develop toward goodness, but instead it slides down into an abyss, unable to locate the right path no matter what.

Man constantly entangles himself in greater and greater problems. Everyone knows how to reason beautifully and intelligently, but in actuality it turns out that we are unable to reach any good results, and that applies to the general and the individual cases.

So why is it that nature always places us into a situation that’s opposite to peace and perfection? And if we are meant to achieve this in the end, then how can we?

Baal HaSulam writes about all of this in his article “The Peace,” which we are now starting to read. There cannot be peace in the world as long as there are people left who are unsatisfied with something. That would already be a lack of perfection.

The world develops with each passing day, becoming an increasingly more integral system, all of whose parts are interconnected like cogwheels. No one has freedom to move one millimeter in any direction and in any sense, whether it is one’s desire, thought, or action, without influencing everyone else.

That is why there cannot be peace and perfection in the world as long as there is even one unsatisfied person left, who disagrees with the current state being perfect. This is the law of the integral system. We are all connected as organs of one body where the illness of even one organ is felt in the entire organism.

On the other hand, making progress toward peace is a gradual process both with regard to the whole world and any of its parts. The world today is like a sick person who is lying on the operating table waiting for open heart surgery. Of course, in this situation the doctor won’t pay attention if the patient complains about a small scratch on his leg. That is why the world’s correction will happen gradually.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/20/10, “Peace in the World”

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