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Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Why did Bina and Malchut come to understand each other better due to the breaking of the screen? In our broken state, how can we begin to do the same?

Answer: There are only two attributes in creation, bestowal and reception. There’s nothing else. We are not talking about Atzmuto (His Essence), meaning the Upper Force as it is, with no connection to us. We are also unable to speak outside the concept of time since we are constantly measuring everything within a time frame, meaning before a certain moment and after it.

The Creator and the creature are not included into each other; they are opposite from the beginning. In order to bring them to unity, which is the purpose of creation, there has to be an intermediary mechanism that would enable them to approach each other.

Such mechanism of their convergence would have to consist of both of them. It would have to manage both the Creator and the creature so that they were mixed together, included into each other.

The Creator would need to be willing to accept the creature within Him, whereas the creature would need to be ready to incorporate the properties of the Creator. There would have to be mutual understanding, comprehension, or connection between them, which has to gradually expand.

Imagine two opposing objects. Suppose you and I are opposites who hate one another. Now, we have to come to terms somehow and achieve perfection in our state. How can that be achieved if we are completely opposite? It’s impossible! It would be possible only with the help of certain means that are absent in you and me because we are opposite to each other.

How should we build such means? I give up something of myself, you give up something that belongs to you, and we start building something completely new. However, neither of us has anything to do with this third element yet. We simply build it in total separation from ourselves and don’t even want to know that there is something in common.

However, we are building that commonality as existing by itself, and each one of us invests a part of himself in it. So what? Aren’t the two opposite? What needs to be done so that they would come together? We would need to break all the barriers between them and, then, recreate them from scratch. That is what happens during the breaking.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/20/10, Talmud Eser Sefirot

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