The Timer Keeps Ticking

Dr. Michael LaitmanEvery morning before the lesson we get up on our feet again and start with a clean slate. The same thing can happen over the course of the day as well. It is written, “Let the old things you have already heard become new for you every day.” A person must constantly feel that he is a new creation, again and again establishing contact, starting the spiritual work, and coming closer to the Creator.

Every time he makes this renewal, he realizes Reshimot, until he acquires a sufficient amount of them. This number is not known in advance, but the timer is ticking and the wheels are turning, changing the numbers after the point, and at some point in time the main wheel on the left will jump from one number to the next.

The same thing happens to us. That is why at every moment in time we must renew the contact, the intention, and the aspiration to the goal. It is written, “The end of the action lies in the initial thought.” I must already keep the goal in mind now, which I hope to reach at the end. Where am I going? What do I want exactly? Each time I must imagine this anew, but more precisely, clearly, tangibly, and perceptibly.

In the final goal, all of my hopes, efforts, desires, and disappointments come together, fuse into one, and are fulfilled. My work is completed in the point of the final contact, the point that is called “the drop of unity.” In it, I, my entire perceivable reality, and the Creator (the quality of bestowal, the Upper Force) all become one whole. This is the state I must already imagine now.

Baal HaSulam puts it this way: A person must aspire to the unity of Israel, the Torah, and the Creator. Say it however you like. The most important thing is for us to think about the final point of unity. The more distinctly I imagine it in my feeling and mind, the more joy this should give me. Then I will unquestionably realize the current Reshimo and will successively advance toward the end of the action.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/12/10, The Zohar

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