The Sculptor Of My Soul

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: It seems to me that in order to connect with the text of The Zohar, which is written in an unfamiliar language, I need a miracle, but in our world it is difficult to believe in miracles.

Answer: I don’t know what it means “to connect with the text.” I hear some story in a foreign language. I was told that it is about me, about everything that is meant to happen to me today and in the future. By all means, I am very eager to learn because it is so important to me! The Zohar is a “secret code” that I have to decipher and reveal for myself. What should I do?

Kabbalists teach us: “If you make as big an effort as you possibly can, wish for it, search for the right approach, then you will reveal it. You are able to disclose it, but everything depends on how much effort you apply.”

We have to study a lot, learn how to sense and abandon some of our inner properties in order to better comprehend this text because it describes an understanding and approach to life that is completely opposite to us. You have to “dress” in these ideas, identify yourself with their characters, get to know and love them, even if you don’t like or understand them yet. You must alter a lot in yourself if you want to understand this story.

In fact, you change yourself in accordance with the story. All it talks about becomes more or less close and clear to you; you start sensing and accepting it to the extent that you become a part of it and reveal it to yourself.

It happens as a result of many actions through which you try to imitate the world of The Zohar. “What is this all about? I want to understand and feel it, to live in this world, so how do I change myself to start seeing at least a little bit of what The Zohar speaks of?”

I should always be aware of the matter inside myself which is constantly changing according to the story. I am the “clay” that shapes the story. I want to form it! This is how I am getting closer to the story, even though I begin to perceive and sense it rather than understand it, as it is said: “And Adam knew Eve.”

My approach is to let the narration in The Book of Zohar create more advanced forms within myself until I acquire the real shape. Indeed, the story by itself implies the revelation.

This is how we should work with the text; this is the right approach that we should exercise to get closer to The Book of Zohar. I want the Book to change me, carve “my matter” into any shape it deems necessary. I am totally open and ready for everything; I completely entrust myself to it!
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/25/10, The Zohar

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