Erect A Bridge Above Your Own Egoism

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: If the Creator brings me suffering, then how can I come closer to Him?

Answer: The Creator deliberately sends you suffering to make it easier for you to rise above your ego, inside of which you feel the suffering. Once you ascend above your own ego, you will be able to develop a different attitude to other people: one that isn’t based on reception, but on bestowal.

Then you will begin to feel the Creator and a world that does not function in order to receive and to fulfill your ego, but that is based on bestowal and fulfilling the desire to bestow. That is, you will be able to acquire a sensation of the second dimension of reality.

The nature in which we exist divides into two parts. Our half resides in the tendency to assimilate reality inside of us. But when I perceive and receive impressions of the reality I am in inside of myself, I cannot perceive any more than the reality of this world. In contrast, the second half is oriented at a nature opposite to ours: bestowal without any return connection with me. By means of the science of Kabbalah we have the opportunity to acquire this additional second nature and start feeling the second part of reality.

However, by ascending above your ego, above what you feel in the will to receive, you already work in the will to bestow alone. It turns out that you can exist in two forms and accordingly, feel two dimensions. After that you can already understand why the Creator is concealed from us.

From the lecture in “Kabbalah L’Am Hall” on 12/14/10

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