Show That You Love!

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe have to understand that the more we try to come closer to each other, the more each of us discovers that he hates the others. That’s because every time I come closer to you, I discover how opposite you are from me. And the closer I come to you, the more I leave the place I came from where I was alone.

Suppose I take steps toward you, meaning that I get to know you more and more. The more I get to know you, the more my hatred for you grows. Why? It’s because I gain a greater realization of how opposite you are from me. This poses one obstacle to advancement.

The second obstacle is that the closer I come to you, the further away I get from myself. In order to get to know you, I have to leave my qualities and attain yours.

Say you are a salesman and I am a customer. You name your price and I offer mine, and gradually we bargain, reaching a compromise. But the more I go in your direction, the further away I move from my initial words. It becomes more and more difficult for me because I leave behind my previous opinion in order to come closer to you. Even though you also grow distant from your opinion, this does not worry me. I am worried only about myself.

Thus, to the degree I come closer to you I discover: 1) Your opposition and 2) Distancing from myself. Therefore, the more we advance and move closer to the Creator, to corrections, the more our Aviut or thickness of desire increases, and the heaviness that we feel grows exponentially as well. It becomes more and more difficult for me due to the realization that you are opposite to me and that I have to move away from you more.

To the degree we advance we always acquire additional Kelim, desires for correction, and increase them. We suddenly discover desires that are much greater than we thought before. And this is good because then I have what to correct, and I have much more than before. Previously I thought: "Who cares, I need to correct just 10 ounces." But suddenly I discover that it isn’t 10 ounces, but 50 pounds. However, by correcting them, I earn 50 pounds of Light.

Question: So when does correction happen?

Answer: Correction will happen when you reject the great hatred you feel and neglect the great separation from yourself because the most important thing for you will be to connect with me. This is a rejection of us both. Do you want to exist in love? Then show that you love! How? By rejecting hatred and neglecting separation from yourself. In our world everything is simple: You buy a ring for your bride and she is yours. But in spirituality this rejection is very difficult.

From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/20/10, Talmud Eser Sefirot

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One Comment

  1. Thank you Rav,
    Your words are pure truth and each of us in regard them need to scrutinize our true intention in sense of connection with others and how to attain it, how to neglect the ego and come out from the shell and justify all that follows us on our path accepting the faith above reason.
    But the last of your sentence that refer to entering the spirituality it’s on my modest opinion do very difficult meaning to reach equivalence of form with the Nature and It’s absolute low, the low of Love and bestow.
    And the second cannot be attained without the first!

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