Shift To The Side Of The Giver

Dr. Michael LaitmanInitially the Upper Light is at absolute rest. It has one direction and one attitude to the desire for pleasure that it created.

The Light does not change. All the changes come from the desire that makes contact with the Light and goes through various states, attaining who or what it is. Gradually the desire absorbs qualities and actions of the Light, even though all of this is “make believe.”

From the Light’s end there are no actions or changes, whereas the desire for pleasure changes in the Light, giving names to the different states and actions and attributing them to the Light. However, in reality the changes do not come from the Light; it is only the desire that changes.

Then the desire gives a definition of what is a “transgression” and what is a “commandment.” It defines this according to what it reveals in the contact with the Light, in the connection with it. A commandment is the desire’s similarity to the Light, the aspiration to be like the Light, the equivalence of form that it desires. The desire for pleasures reveals this from the things happening to it, from its reactions and impressions.

And on the contrary, separation from the Light, caused by a lack of equivalence of form, is a “transgression.” That’s because it is contrary to the desire of the Light.

Therefore, when a new desire awakens above a person’s egoistic desire and starts relating to the Light according to a person’s intentions, a person then determines the levels of his attitude. He deems his attitude to the Light important.

Instead of fearing the yearnings and suffering that drive him, or the attraction for pleasure that entices him, a person constantly transfers the importance of his action from reward and personal sensation to the Upper One, the level from which he receives the Light.

The Light is the Giver. As much as a person is able to reject his desire for pleasure and shift to the side of the Giver, that is how much higher he deems the commandment that he now fulfills.

Therefore, when a person realizes the greatness of the Upper One, the greatness of the Light, he thereby determines his state, whether it is a sin or a commandment, as well as its measure.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/27/10, Writings of Rabash

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