Progress Based On Stolen Energy

Dr. Michael LaitmanWhat does it mean “to dissolve among the nations of the world?” Your egoistic desires tear apart your aspiration toward spirituality and break into your inner desire, “Isra-El.” All of them are your own desires, GE (the desire to bestow) and AHP (the desire to receive), which are intermixed to such an extent that it is impossible to separate them.

The bestowing desire (Israel) “soaks up” the egoistic intention (nations of the world) and learns how to bestow for its own sake, its own profit. And it succeeds in doing so much better than other nations! Intellect and emotions (all those exclusive properties of GE that are granted to Israel for attaining the spiritual world) are used to pursue egoistic success in this world.

Jews are proud of their achievements on this material level, but what are they proud of? We were given a tiny portion of spiritual potential, one minuscule spark to help us rise to spirituality. We keep investing it in minor material values which lead us to double uselessness, to “reverse success.” That is, we draw the whole world into worthless progress until everybody understands that they are facing a dead end.

Who did that? It was done by the “sparks of bestowal,” GE, that were received at the time of Babylon. They were used for reception, not their true purpose: to raise AHP (the desire to receive), the nations of the world, upward.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/2/10, “Exile and Redemption”

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