Compressed Moments

Dr. Michael LaitmanSuccess in achieving the goal doesn’t depend on any special abilities of a person. We are yet to be surprised to discover that nothing of what currently exists in each of us gets to cross into spirituality.

One enters the spiritual world through a thin filter that doesn’t let you carry anything you now possess through it. It all remains inside your egoistic desire, your corporeal mind; all assets of the past disappear and nothing is preserved.

Success is determined solely by the effort exerted to offset all difficulties, problems, and disappointments. If, despite it all, a person still advances and doesn’t back away, only then does he enter the spiritual world’ and this is the only thing he gets to keep. This determination is what gives him the right to come in. There is nothing else.

When we exit Egypt bringing Egyptian vessels (Kelim) with us, they must be absolutely empty: our bare desires filled with nothing. This means that we throw away all egoistic assets accumulated in Egypt and don’t want to take anything from it with us. We bring only the most basic bread (Matza) and empty vessels (desires) or it will be impossible to leave Egypt.

Therefore, there is only one suggestion: In spite of all the problems and burdens, disappointments, and lack of strength, to still push yourselves ahead. This works only when a person truly values his time and tries to fill it with as much as possible, to simply compress each moment.

It is very important how much he writes down during the lesson and how much he circulates during the day, that is, what he is filling his time with.
From the Talk During the Meal 12/24/10

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