Falling In Love With The Winner

Dr. Michael Laitman“Introduction of The Book of Zohar,” Article “The Letters of Rabbi Amnon Saba,” Item 34: Explanation: Zayin [ז] is Yod [י] over Vav [ו] … as it is written, “A virtuous woman is the crown of her husband.” This is so because she is mingled with the male world, which is Vav, and then becomes a crown over his head.

Each letter is a collection of numerous qualities and states which a person gradually undergoes until he manifests the letter in himself and begins to work with it. Zayin (ז), the seventh letter of the alphabet, is “a crown on the head of a righteous man,” “a virtuous woman,” Yod (י), over Vav (ו).

Imagine yourself in the place of a king’s daughter who is observing two heroes fighting for the right to become her husband. What does she feel watching them? Now, in essence, her fate is being decided. Does anyone show any interest in which one she loves and whether she loves anyone at all? No. The winner will become her husband for the rest of her life; that’s it.

How does a person with uncorrected qualities feel in such a situation? What is his attitude toward what is going on? While at it, he must correct himself to such an extent that, in the end, he would fall in love with the winner one hundred percent. So, how can this be reached? How does one “fall in love” with the chosen one only because he has won?

For this, one must ascend to faith above reason, above the egoistic feelings, personal relationship, and wholeheartedly fall in love with the one who is closer to the Creator. This is what Malchut has to reach. In other words, this is how a person must correct himself in order to agree with the result of the fight.

Possibly, this example will help us imagine, feel how we correct ourselves in the quality of the letter Zayin. A person has to raise above his personal feelings to such an extent that his love toward the winner becomes absolute.

On one hand, the king’s daughter does not choose her husband, but, on the other, he will become her beloved husband for the rest of her life.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/19/10, “Introduction of The Book of Zohar,” Article “The Letters of Rabbi Amnon Saba”

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