Darkness Is A Strong Fire

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How can the kind Light turn into a cruel fire?

Answer: You are right; many people asked me this question when the fire broke out in Israel. The Light comes from Above, but we turn it into a fire with our properties and actions that are opposite to it. Here is what The Zohar says about this (there are many such places in the Book).

The Book of Zohar, Chapter Beresheet (Genesis), Item 17, Article “The Earth was void”: Darkness is a strong fire. And this darkness covers the void, reigns over this waste, and becomes corrected from it. This way, darkness is not simply the absence of Light, meaning emptiness, but a category of an emptying action, which is similar to a strong fire that burns down and destroys any essence: It touches it and leaves its place empty.

Hence, it is said that darkness is the strongest fire that burns and destroys everything. This is how darkness eliminates and suppresses the Light in its place, and this darkness covers this void. It is called darkness and not fire because the force of burning that it carries within originates not in it, but from the fact that it rules over the waste called the void and receives from it.

For this is the inclusion of the property of judgment into the property of mercy. Malchut rose to the place of Bina to get corrected there with the category of the screen in her. And since Bina does not contain any judgment or fire, in order for Malchut to get corrected in the screen, the way the chaos was corrected, this darkness rules over the void, the place of the fire that turned impurity into the waste and void.

From there, darkness receives the force of the burning fire that resembles a strong desire in the void. This darkness covers the void, rules over this waste, and becomes corrected from it for it receives from the void the might of a strong and burning fire.

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