The Glass To Scoop The Light With

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How can I keep holding the correct intention during the lesson? Is it by thinking more about the mutual guarantee than trying to sort out what I am reading about?

Answer: Imagine that you are driving a car. What do you worry the most about? Is it how to press on the gas pedal or navigating the steering wheel? If you need time to figure out the answer, it frightens me, and I am not going with you.

Obviously, the key is to steer the wheel. That is what we call “intention.” Intention is the direction in which I am driving. When it is correct, I can start pressing on the gas pedal to increase or decrease the speed as necessary to fit the traffic.

In other words, I press the gas full force only after I have picked the right direction. Otherwise, it may be best not to start driving at all and remain stationary, to prevent myself from going back. This is how we should ensure the correct direction, and to the degree that we are confident in its correctness, we may press the gas and increase the speed.

A person is designed so that he constantly looks for benefit, and during the lesson, there are three possibilities: 1) to understand more; 2) to feel more; or 3) to attain more. These three benefits are not related to each other because I feel in the corporeal desire, understand in the corporeal mind, but attain in the spiritual Kli (vessel).

In other words, experience and understanding come through my egoistic desire, but attainment becomes possible solely in accordance with the law of equivalence of form, intention “to bestow.” This intention is my primary concern.

Therefore, I am not worried about what I will understand and feel. The key is to receive the Kli that bestows, the desire, the intention which is something spiritual, “in order to bestow.” Before anything else, I worry about where to find spirituality.

Sages say that the Light is always there; take as much as you wish. However, what vessel can we bring to this ocean and scoop bestowal from it? We need some vessel of bestowal, some kind of container, even if it’s just a small glass. This place into which we may receive the Light is what we should be thinking about.
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/24/10, Beit Shaar HaKavanot

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