Preventing A Short Circuit

Dr. Michael LaitmanWhat is the source of joy? If we are speaking of egoistic joy, its foundation is receiving fulfillment. A child is happy when you give something to him, and he cries when you take it away. A more developed person experiences joy from good or bad actions. I stole and didn’t get caught so I am happy, or perhaps I did something good for another and enjoyed it.

Everything depends on what pleases a person. But joy is always triggered by the fact that we fulfill our egoistic desires. Our basic needs are food, family, wealth, power, and knowledge. Yet the problem lies in our inability to fulfill ourselves through them.

The Upper Light, the pleasure that wishes to fill our desire, is a plus and the desire is a minus. When the plus meets the minus, a short circuit occurs, meaning that as soon as I touch the pleasure, it disappears.

But there is another form of receiving pleasure, and we find an example of it in electronics. Instead of “shorting-out” the plus and the minus directly or receiving pleasure into my desire, I create a resistor between them, a resistance screen. Connecting the plus and the minus, desire and pleasure, through resistance is now possible without annulling either of them, and it can bring a positive result. Therein, we experience life.

From Kabbalah for Beginners, “Happiness” 10/28/10


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