One Wall And One Rammer For All

Dr. Michael LaitmanIf on our path spiritual fulfillment would become available to us as everybody is asking, it would block our desire for spirituality. This is the greatest obstacle on the path.

Hence, I am given a wall that blocks my way. I stand before it, anticipating the wonders awaiting me on the other side. Yet, if such a wall has been revealed to me, it means I am already equipped with a force of resistance so that I wouldn’t quit advancing, but rather would break through this wall.

Even though I cannot accomplish it in one blow and must apply a few more strikes until I break it, the wall will keep cracking and will finally crumble. But I already have the necessary breaking force, the power of attack, or I wouldn’t be shown it.

If we now see the wall standing before us, the wall we have within, in our hearts, it is a sign of our ability to break through it. Otherwise, it wouldn’t show since “obstacles are not placed in front of the blind.” I thought we were able to overcome it, and this is why we made a step toward unity.

Now, we just have to unite thanks to studying and the rest of the work that we do and gradually collect, crumb to crumb, all our efforts in one collective breaking force. We need to do it in order to probably discover again that this force is insufficient to break through, and we have to unite even more.

And thus again and again we will gather more strength and increase pressure until the wall falls. That is the stage of the exodus from Egypt, the very end. This is why it brings joy.

One Wall And One Rammer For All

The problem is that right now everyone experiences this wall on their own. Meanwhile, we have to feel that this wall is common for all, and to the extent that we do, we will feel that the force that we are trying to employ to break through this wall is collective as well. In that case, it would be not one person but the group standing against it.

It is similar to fleeing from Egypt: one night, one Pharaoh, one threat, same plagues for all Israel unified as one man with one heart. Nobody is counted separately from the others, and everybody unites together. This is how the group must feel. In that case, despite the frightening height of the wall, we will still overpower it.

That is because when people unite, they discover that they lack the Creator’s presence among them, and without Him, we cannot do! He will become the very force of this breakthrough that will ruin the wall.

Pharaoh himself will assist us. After all, it is he who is chasing Israel out of Egypt and then follows and guides them, as The Zohar describes. A person keeps trying to go back, whereas Pharaoh throws them all out of Egypt as he is a faithful assistant of the Creator.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/16/10, “The Essence of Religion and Its Purpose”

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