A Joyous Marathon

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What should I do if I am constantly finding new flaws in myself while being on this path, as if I am running a lengthy marathon?

Answer: Think of it as a sign of advancement! There are criminals who take pride in their transgressions, and we should learn from them and be proud that we managed to discover these flaws within ourselves, that we are indeed criminals! If I find that I am such in order to assist my advancement toward the goal, I have to rejoice in it.

It is similar to being a scientist who is studying himself and keeps discovering how much is yet unknown and what enormous field of work lies ahead of him. So, he is glad that he has an opportunity to advance and a place to work and explore. We should view it as work in the internal laboratory.

You work as a scientist who is making discoveries and corrections, and you are moving into Infinity, unaware of the final destination point, constantly discovering something new. Treat this process constructively and creatively for you are building new worlds while you are uncovering and reconstructing them from the broken parts!

Do you wish to quickly earn a little money and retire?! Such folks don’t get to know spirituality for it is not meant for this sort. We have to be persistent as true heroes are. A hero isn’t the one who beats another to a pulp but the one who breaks his own ego. It happens specifically by overcoming all unpleasant states thereby finding an opportunity to spiritually evolve and become a human.

I understand that it is frightening for it is written that Moses feared Pharaoh greatly. He fled from Egypt and was afraid to return there until he reached the degree of Bina when the Creator revealed Himself to Moses in the “burning bush.”

Clearly, we have the same fear. But if you are in the group, there is no evil that may rise in front of you and be worth fearing longer than an instant. At first, I get scared when I unfold something unpleasant that I didn’t expect to find in myself.

But if I am connected with the environment, then in an instant, I realize that it is a spring board which helps me to leap forth toward the goal. Alternatively, if you don’t view the evil as purposeful and instead start digging into it and “eat” yourself, it means that you don’t have a connection with the external force, the group.

You see this journey as a lengthy tiring marathon? But that’s what your life is given to you for! You are in this world to begin and finish your correction.

Don’t think that you can get everything done in a year or two, after which you will rest in your spiritual retirement and enjoy the illumination of Shechina. Indeed, it is written that the righteous live in the joyous presence of Shechina, but they are able to do so because they are constantly engaged in spiritual work, raising such powerful Reflected Light, the Light of Hassadim (Mercy), that Shechina can tirelessly shine on their “heads,” their intentions.

They work restlessly, as it is written that “the righteous don’t rest in this world or the next one.” What rest can there be if you desire to bestow? There is no greater punishment than being unable to bestow, which is similar to the pain of the mother who cannot feed her child.

Bestowal is the greatest reward. So, do not seek rest.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/16/10, “The Essence of Religion and Its Purpose”

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