One More Time About Mutual Inclusion

Dr. Michael Laitman1. Malchut and the first 9 Sefirot

The first 9 Sefirot are the properties of the Creator, and Malchut is the desire to receive pleasure with regard to the creature. How then can Malchut receive the Light at all? It can do so only due to the fact that all 9 Sefirot are included in it. Malchut absorbs all 9 Sefirot and becomes the 10th Sefira. In other words, the creature, Malchut, becomes like the Creator. All 9 Sefirot, His properties, enter Malchut. This is achieved by way of mutual inclusion.

2. Bina and Malchut

We study that all our work lies between Malchut and Bina. Malchut rises to Bina and is included in it. And then Bina descends into Malchut and includes itself in it. Due to this mutual integration of Bina and Malchut, we receive an opportunity to correct ourselves.

After all, Malchut, per se, is an egoistic desire to receive pleasure, whereas Bina is the desire to bestow. Thus, their mutual integration into each other brings the properties of the Creator to the creature.

To the degree that we ascend to Bina while desiring to become similar to the Creator, the Creator is able to descend to us and bring us to His properties.

From Kabbalah For Beginners, “The Integration” 10/27/2010

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