Night As Day

Dr. Michael LaitmanRabash, “What Is the Foundation that Sanctity Is Built Upon”:  When building a building in corporeality, we see that anyone who wants to build a building must first dig the foundations, and on the foundation he builds the building. The digging of the foundation into the ground should be according to the height of the building. The foundation is not dug at once. Rather, each day the foundation is built so that it will be deeper, and then one can build a higher building….

And since his whole construction is built on above reason, the digging is sealed again, meaning that his need disappears again and he has nothing to ask; that is, he has no need for the Creator to bring him closer. Thus, he must start digging again, meaning to work in order to find a deficiency, so he will have a basis upon which to ask the Creator to build his building.

Question: Does a person build a new world every day?

Answer: He does it with each moment. As a matter of fact, “day” is any opportunity used for advancement. If such opportunities arise only when the person feels illuminated, then he has the day and the night. However, the Psalms say: “The day is yours, and the night is yours.” Let the night also feel like the day to us, the place where we can work and advance.

In the darkness, a sensation of no light and no desire, when a person is tangled and keeps stumbling over obstacles within himself, he has to understand that he is receiving new desires at the moment, desires that he hadn’t worked with before. They too must be tied to the goal.

This means that we have to welcome the events with joy: I must be really strong if the Surrounding Light evokes in me deeper layers of desires that I can place in the foundation of my building. Having completed this foundation, I will reach the first spiritual degree.

Hence, I must strive to see all instants of my life as “days.” And it does not matter what sensations I am experiencing, bitter or sweet. If I always aspire to the truth, I will see everything as day.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/4/10, ““What is the Foundation that Sanctity is Built Upon”

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