Just One Step From Love To Hatred

Dr. Michael LaitmanDon’t try to make an animal out of a person and to lock the spiritual world into a mechanical scheme. It is a world full of adventures and uncertainties that are revealed along the way, and you suddenly see that it was not like you thought, and maybe even quite the opposite.

When the connection between phenomena is revealed on a more inner level, you perform a complete “upgrade” (new installation) on your whole “program.” You see that you can now use new instruments (Kelim), new connections. Obviously, the foundation – the Creator, the creature, the process of development with the help of the Surrounding Light, the desires of Galgalta ve Eynaim (GE) and AHP, and greater unification of souls – remains unchanged. However, specific phenomena could be completely opposite.

Suddenly I reveal completely new connections in the same desire for bestowal, at a greater depth (Aviut or coarseness). I didn’t think that my enemy on the present degree would turn out to be my dear friend on a higher degree. But on a higher degree I hug Haman because this complete criminal becomes a holy individual. How can it be that on a lower degree he is my greatest enemy to whom I cannot come closer, and on a higher degree I merge with him?

 If two Kabbalists are on these degrees, although both degrees are spiritual, they will not agree with each other! How can you love my enemy? Then you and I cannot be friends!

For a person who achieves the final connection (Gmar Tikkun), Haman, Hitler, Ahmaninejad, and all other misanthropes are forces of holiness. You hated them on the previous degrees, and on a higher degree you reconcile with them.

The whole problem is that we are unable to connect two opposites with our limited minds. How can an electron be a wave and a particle at the same time, and how can a particle be in different places simultaneously? Even more so we fail to understand how above this, in the spiritual world, everything consists of two opposites that exist together: the angel of death and the angel of holiness, the Creator and Pharaoh.

We cannot understand this with our corporeal minds, and we wish to hear which of these two opposite answers is correct, while actually they both are true. And the spiritual world, the Creator, is revealed precisely at the unification of opposites.
From the 3rd  part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/4/10, Beit Sha’ar HaKavanot

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