Experiencing Spiritual Life

Dr. Michael LaitmanEach convention is the connection of a multitude of people: beginners and advanced students, all very different by nature. However, all of them are unified by one goal: to reveal the meaning of life, to find the place we have to reach, the place worth living for instead of wasting our life away.

The wisdom of Kabbalah is intended to lead us to the most meaningful and central point: the revelation of the Creator to the created beings. To reveal the Creator means to reach His level and status here, in the corporeal world, in this life.

To accomplish this we need great power which none of us possess; it can only be found in the connection between us. The Creator did this on purpose because in order to attain Him, I must acquire His nature. To be closer to Him means to obtain more and more of His attributes. I do not approach Him physically, but in the soul where I get to know Him better in my new properties which are identical to His.

How do I obtain these attributes? I am told that they are opposite to my nature. Yet, I don’t know what “opposite” means. I might be able to understand what “white” is compared to “black.” But what does “opposite” mean if I am only submerged in one nature, my own?

The Creator divided the entire reality into two parts: me and what exists outside of me. I either hate or love whatever I see on the outside depending on whether or not I can use it for my own personal benefit.

At the Convention I was given an opportunity to connect with a multitude of people that are on the outside. If I begin to perceive them as part of me, understand that we have united and are aiming towards one goal, then by forming, creating this unity, we are literally constructing a property similar to the Creator’s. It is called the corrected spiritual vessel.

We will start to unite, and the connection between us which used to be rejection, hate, disdain, envy, and the need to control each other will turn into love and unification. We achieve this unity not inside you or me but between us! This unity becomes the Kli (vessel) where we will be able to experience the Creator: you and me, the two of us together!

In this Kli, we will experience our spiritual life. It is similar to the blood that flows between the cells and organs of our body, carrying oxygen, life, to them. After all, our body lives because of this circulation, the bond that ties all of its parts together. Every organ bestows to the others and functions for the benefit of the whole system and not itself. This is how our body is designed on the corporeal plane.

This is exactly the kind of bond we have to attain at the “human” level of existence, and we must do it consciously and willingly.
From Lesson 7, World Kabbalah Convention 2010, 11/11/10

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