Convention Impressions, Part 3

Excerpts from people’s letters sharing their impressions of the last convention::

“I am writing to you because this time I cannot help it! THIS CONGRESS IS THE MOST INCREDIBLE, AMAZING, AND POWERFUL, EYE OPENING, AND HOPE-FILLED EVENT of my entire long life in Kabbalah! It made my endless suffering worthwhile.

All previous congresses were also meaningful to me: One was heartwarming, another significant, and so forth. But this time I felt, even if by way of the body, what you tell us about: THE COLLECTIVE HEART BEAT, TEARS, AND DESIRE, not always consciously recognized, THE SENSATION OF HIS PRESENCE, namely BETWEEN US….

Never and nowhere have I felt that all of us are together and connected by something that can be felt, and here I did feel it! I knew, unable to comprehend this fact, that those surrounding me are me….

It is impossible to properly relate in words, but you suddenly, after these feelings, explained from the stage at the last lesson, all that I felt and lived precisely, like a psychic! And how does he know everything about me so well, to the smallest details?

Now I clearly understand that the value of this convention is not only in what we felt there, but in the anticipation and yearning, in people’s ability to see that all the others around them wish the same! It is one enormous, common desire in the eyes and hearts of all. Faces glowed; the audience cried; some felt something, some didn’t yet, but it is a very powerful spiritual phenomenon. People will keep living on the emotions of this great convention.

Nothing has ended in that pavilion. I would give anything for what I experienced there! Great love filled the hall and all the hearts, and it doesn’t matter that someone didn’t feel what the others did; it is already within us….”


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  1. Wonderful!
    Your words expressed the feelings and emotions of all of us.
    We are aware of that huge power that unite us all in one single heart, forming a soul. Our soul. And we do not want that power to let go.
    That’s why we must keep our points in the heart connected with the group, the books and to our Rav, aiming to The Creator.

  2. So very true. Thank you so much!

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