What If The "Spiritual IV" Doesn’t Work?

Dr. Michael LaitmanIt’s time we understand that we are doomed. Everyone is sitting on the hole he has drilled in the common boat and is barely holding on to cover this hole. Every minute, here and there a new leak opens, and try as we might, we are still sinking.

There is no way to advance toward the goal like this. I have to realize that I depend on all the others and visualize this dependence. If I don’t try to “edit” the picture, it will look horrible, but this is what will prompt me forth for sure. “Exodus from Egypt” lies essentially in the revelation of our total dependence on one another. We can’t remain in our egoism anymore.

After all, everyone holds a tube with the intravenous infusion for the others in their hands and doesn’t want to turn it on. That’s why everyone lives on a tiny illumination (Kista de Hayuta), in hopes for authentic life.

My life is at stake! Except existence in this world that will soon expire, I have nothing, till I make the friends to turn the IV on. I simply need the healing fusion, the Light that flows through my soul and gives it the sensation of spiritual life.

However, my friends don’t let the Light flow. What do I do then? Wake them up and inspire them to open these channels. If I succeed, I will live; if not, I’ll die. And this is what we must do all together.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/8/10, “The Arvut”

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