We Have To Be As Ready As Possible

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe have set the purpose and mood of the Convention to be “standing at the foot of Mount Sinai.” We are coming together in order to unite. It is not just to show respect for The Book of Zohar or anything else, but rather, to implement our unity at the level where we will reveal the Upper One.

At this Convention we are taking on an obligation and this scares us. Let this fear remain. Let us come there not in order to have fun with others or to tearfully hug each other at a three day long picnic. Rather, we are getting together in order to carry out very important work, which gives us great responsibility. We have a desperate need for it and we are “wound up” to do it. Most importantly, we are taking on the obligation ahead of time to provide mutual guarantee to one another.

It is similar to how a laser is prepared for operation by being revved up. Active processes take place in its working environment and the illumination is continually increased and multiplied until it bursts forth with a very powerful, focused beam.

That is how we are “winding ourselves up” today for an “attack.” We are not giving up for anything. No matter what happens, we are preparing to ambush. We have all the necessary forces for doing this and all the necessary preparatory base.

If we forestall this, then things will only get worse and much more difficult. All the troubles and suffering are caused only by falling behind, by our not accelerating time and simply allowing things to happen as they will.

On the other hand, if we attain success, then new forces will suddenly join us and we will find new means to achieve unity among us. Therefore, all of the time we have left until the Convention should be devoted to preparation. We have to leave behind all the fears besides the one fear that makes us feel responsible, similar to the unceasing worry a mother feels for her baby.
From the talk on Mutual Guarantee 10/15/10

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  1. This is a great article, emphasis on fear for others as opposed to the self. It is pretty ironic actually, that we still feel self love is the best method of self preservation.

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