To Glow With Love

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: I understand that it’s possible to hate my egoism, but how can I suddenly start loving another?

Answer: Love is an outcome of correction, above and atop the screens. But nothing disappears. The will to receive constantly grows, forevermore. While hate and distance in relation to the others is increasing, above all that, there is love!

When we reach the world of Atzilut, we will feel infinite distance between us, and above it, total connection. Therefore, this connection we have created is regarded as “620” times (Pi Tarach) greater than the initial existing one.

As it is in an electrical supply network, in order to elicit power from it, resistance is needed. You have to exert strength in order to extract this power, and only then will it do the work and bring a positive outcome.

There has to be resistance coming from one side, and some action coming from the other. If you connect them together, you can accomplish the work having received the source of power. Then, the light bulb lights up.

To Glow With Love

It glows because there is a spiral of resistance inside it; and the greater this resistance to light, the brighter the illumination it provides. These two forces, by working together while opposing each other, heat the spiral, and it starts radiating light.

Everything is determined by resistance; it has to be preserved in all phenomena. We use it as a measure for magnitude, and this is derived from the basic will to receive that stands in opposition to the Light.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/3/10, “The Love for the Creator and Love for the Created Beings”

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