The Source Of All Strength

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: To what extent should I feel my dependence on the friends? Does my well-being also depend on them?

Answer: If you don’t feel good, then turn to the friends and ask them for strength. Doesn’t the Light control all the atoms and molecules? And doesn’t health come from it as well?

Do you really think that the material nature lives by its own laws and only the soul is influenced by the force of the Light? This entire “dream” of the picture of our world, including all the bodies and everything else, is a projection of the Light. So why shouldn’t I ask it for everything I need?

You need conditions that enable you to be entirely devoted to bestowal. These conditions are what you should ask for. The group must also help you do this: If we understand that we absolutely depend on the Light, then it will be easier for every person to turn to the Light with a demand.

This is true for every demand. For example, I put my hand in my pocket hoping that I will take out a million dollars. It didn’t work? That means I have a problem with a lack of faith. There is nothing that I couldn’t demand from the Creator for the sake of bestowal. If you are certain that you desire bestowal, then demand it. That is how you correct your Kelim. Demand it, but not for yourself.

Question: Should I demand it from the Creator or the group?

Answer: When I turn to the group, I have to turn to the Creator who is concealed inside it. The group itself does not have any forces. But when I delve deeper, to the force of unity among friends who have already revealed the grain of spiritual desire, the Creator is present in that grain and His force is not limited in any way.

There is no limit to the Light. It is present and unlimited even in a small and weak group. I am the one who determines what I will derive from it.

Thus, I must always turn to the Creator through the group. He is the source of all the strength. My request must happen only according to the principle, “Israel (me), the Torah (the group), and the Creator (the Light) are one.”

During the study you can demand anything you lack (including health and success) to enable your thoughts to be about bestowal. That’s because everything belongs to one desire, but you correct it in different forms. However, in reality we are always talking about the same lack of Light inside the vessel.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/11/10, “Who Testifies Upon the Person”

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