Are We Free People Or Just Cogs In A Machine?

Dr. Michael LaitmanFreedom of will is the most important topic because it poses the main question of our lives: Are we absolutely controlled from Above like any other part of nature? We see that everything operates under the governance from Above, meaning the governance of Nature (the Creator). There is nothing beyond Nature. We can discern the governing force in some actions, but in others, their governing force is concealed from us.

When we are young, we think we master our own lives, but as we mature and acquire life experience, we come to understand that it is life that controls us, and not the other way around. Indeed, where is the possibility for freedom of will when we discover strict and constant laws operating on all levels of nature: physical, chemical, and biological? And if there is a place where we do not see a law, it means that we haven’t yet revealed it as opposed to there being no law that operates with absolute certainty.

How can there remain an uncontrolled part of nature that wouldn’t be affected by any law? This is simply impossible! In all places where we reveal nature, we discover a strict regularity.

Then what is freedom of choice? Is it a possibility to do as I please without being subject to a deterministic law of nature? Where can freedom of choice come from? Can there be a white spot in nature that doesn’t comply?

It turns out that all of our apparent freedom is an illusion of a small child left to play in his room under strict supervision, yet thinking that he is free. That is, free will is explained only by our ignorance. And is this what we call freedom? Then what is man? Another part of nature completely controlled from Above without even being aware of it? If we are nothing but puppets, then we neither do good nor bad. What can be expected of me when everything I do follows the law?

All the things I suddenly wish to do are natural instincts that manipulate and control me from both inside and outside. There can neither be reward nor punishment if we are just ordinary “cogwheels” in creation. But what is the meaning of it all, if the entire existence is a prepackaged game?

It means first and foremost that we need to figure out whether we still have any freedom of will, and where it lies. After all, if there really is a choice here, then it is possible to either score very well or lose everything.

Therefore, freedom of will is the main theme in Kabbalah because it is the beginning of the next stage: whether we have freedom, and if so, how and where can I use it to the maximum benefit.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/8/10, “The Freedom”

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  1. Isn’t our freedom of will in connecting between us? How can we use that (or at least part of it) in spite of the concealment?

  2. I don’t understand how my ‘decision’ about an environment is any different from other ‘decisions’ I make. Whether or not I choose to join the Friends or not also depends on all kinds of pre-existing data, including values and prejudices that will inevitably cause me to go one way or the other. Tell me where I’m going wrong here.

  3. Freedom was awarded to us by our forefathers who fort and died in battle, we all have free will to continue to fight the establishment so one day the human race can except the divinity of nature and science and live as one in harmony and peace without fear or favour, those sleeping at the wheel need to awaken.

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