The Most Exciting Adventure

Dr. Michael LaitmanGradually, we approach the correct perception of reality described by the wisdom of Kabbalah: All of the worlds are within man. The “world” (Olam) means “concealment” (Alama). In essence, the entire picture of the outside world that I imagine is a measurement of my dissimilarity to the Upper Light, the true and perfect reality. All we see is ourselves.

Why does the wisdom of Kabbalah explain the perception of reality in such a great detail? What difference does it make if I perceive reality correctly, whether or not I understand it? I live in it, don’t I?

The fact is that if by using the method of Kabbalah (the science of how to receive, how to perceive a true, correct reality) you manage to change yourself, then you change reality. When, with the help of Kabbalah, we begin to attract the Light and it changes us, then the very same Light onto which we project all of reality from within ourselves reveals a different picture of the world to us.

In fact, every time I construct new worlds. In my perception, feeling, understanding, and comprehension I constantly add new, increasingly more real and tangible forms to this world than anything I am seeing now. Our reality seems minor and insignificant compared to all the other worlds that are revealed to me because the perception of the new world is more real than the world which we perceive today.

Thus, I also gain control over perception of reality. It’s as if I am creating the movie that I want to stay in, the life that I’m living. The perception of reality becomes all of my life, my creation, since I am constructing the worlds in which I live. I gradually reach a degree where I construct the World of Infinity, a world without any limitations.

It is said that the Creator has created the worlds and destroyed them, and man rebuilds and reconstructs them until he reaches a world of complete good, the World of Infinity. While ascending all of these degrees and correcting myself, I see the world that the Creator has made and a true reality appears before me. It is the most magnificent and exciting adventure!
From Kabbalah for Beginners, “Perception of Reality,” 10/20/10

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  1. What joy and victory in such a thing, without limits or boundaries!

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