The Light Of Our Life

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: If The Zohar talks only about the types of connection between the souls, then what is the Light that we reveal?

Answer: The Light is the sensation of connection between us. Nothing else becomes revealed.

If there are no changes in the connection between us, who are the parts of the common soul, then there is no Light, no sensation of life. Everything is dead. On the other hand, if the parts of the Kli feel unceasing changes in the connections between them, this means that there is life flowing through the Kli, there is Light in the soul. Since different interinclusions and unifications take place between the parts, these changes provide the sensation of life or Light inside the Kli.

If they stop for a moment, everything will be silent and dead, but if everything changes, it creates a sensation of Light, the sensation of life inside the body of the soul. Therefore, it’s wrong to think that the Light is external and foreign, or that it comes to the Kli from outside. Nevertheless, we do depict it this way on charts in order to schematically explain the phenomena happening inside the Kli, reception and bestowal, the inner and the outer. We are talking about the Light in relation to the Kli.

Therefore, to feel life means to continuously reveal new facets of our unity and constant changes in the connections between different parts of our common Kli (desire, vessel, or soul).
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/28/10, The Zohar

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