Our First Spiritual Level

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How can I turn to the group if no matter what I do I remain an egoist in my thoughts? And how can we feel the Surrounding Light at the Convention and turn it into Inner Light?

Answer: Tuning into the group means attaining the common desire so I won’t have any thoughts about myself, any individual goal or opinion, but only the common one, “as one man with one heart.” It’s when I don’t want to feel myself and judge things with my own mind, but only be together with everyone.

I don’t know the meaning of common thoughts and desires, but I hope it will be something that belongs to everyone. To the extent we unite together in one heart and one mind, to that degree we are called a group. Otherwise we are not! By virtue of this unity we will be able to advance.

At the Convention we have a very powerful influence on one another because if a person desires to put this force of common inspiration to the right use, he will be able to intermix with the rest of the desires. Granted, this requires serious inner work and efforts. Then a person will be able to join and feel the common mind and the feeling of all the souls that have already attained all the spiritual degrees while in our world.

If we unite together even for a fraction of a percent, then we will already be included into the common system of souls and they will all start to influence us. The Kabbalists of all generations, the prophets will start to work together with us! We will enter the place where they all dwell and will unite together with them in one common mind and feeling.

We can be next to them as babies, but nevertheless we will still have the same sensation and mind and will begin to attain this common soul. This connection will remain forever, even if it later disappears from our sensation. The fact that we attained it will already be “recorded in our account”!

Nothing disappears in the spiritual world. All your attainments are recorded in your account even if you lose that sensation later on in order to rise one level higher. Nevertheless, this level is already yours!
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/28/10, The Acting Mind”

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  1. I understand that kabbalah is not religion. But I wonder it relates to Judaism, since Rav Laitman is always wearing the “kipá”.

    How does Kabbalah considers the jewish “Hagin” like Pessach, Shavout, Sucot, Yom Kipur, Rosh Hashaná, and jewish tools like tefilins and thalit?

    Thank you very much.

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