The Greatest Gain

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe have already reached the state where we can attain the mutual guarantee, now we only need to work harder. It might be beneficial to imagine in great detail how much we will lose if we do not attain it. Imagine that we were unable to turn the November convention into anything more than a colorful festival and did not bring the point of unity into this action. What will happen to us if we do not advance in reality?

We have decided that we must reach unity this year, and we need to remember that all the time during the preparation for the convention. There will be no problem reaching unity if all of us together are absolutely serious about it. People that are less advanced than us are capable of doing it.

Our group has gone through a very serious preparation. We are simply facing a psychological barrier. The greatest problem is that we are unable to imagine this notion, this goal. We need to constantly think about it so that the loss in relation to the gain and our actual loss will become more obvious.

We are already connected in the common system; we only need to reveal it from our state. Beside this relative revelation, nothing else happens. Everything is already here! This is also relevant to the entire world, but we have more because we have gone through a great deal of preparation.

The spiritual system has become closer to us; we have drawn closer to it and pulled it towards us. It has already started to “surface” from the depth and come closer to us. Now we just need to work harder to reveal it. It will become much easier to work after the first revelation. The hardest part is rising to the first degree.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/8/10, “From My Flesh Shall I Know God”

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