It’s Not Easy Being God

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: The plan of creation is awfully sublime, and here I am – just a small, simple man. How could it be that my thoughts matter?

Answer: You simply don’t know who you are; that’s why you think you are small and unable to influence everyone. If you start ascending up the spiritual ladder, you will discover that you personally have the opportunity to be responsible for the entire plan of creation instead of the Creator, and you can relate to all of creation as if you were Him.

There are seven billion people, a countless number of stars and objects in the universe, the entire vegetative and animate world, and one Creator! Do you want to replace Him and treat everything the way He does? Go ahead! If you are ready to replace him, you have the opportunity. This is called unifying with Him, becoming equal to him. This is called becoming human.

That is why we say that the Creator treats the creatures kindly and lovingly, and if I want to replace Him or become His partner, I have to treat the creatures the same way He does. There is a law: Love your neighbor as yourself. If I treat my neighbor with love, that means I equate myself to the Creator and am in adhesion with Him. Then I carry out the action that He carries out in relation to others.

From the lesson on 10/21/10, “The Power of Thought”

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