It Isn’t Just A Game

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe Creator conceals Himself from us; if not, we would never step out of our egoism. We would feel proud of our connection with Him purely egoistically. This is why He gave us this world in His place.

He says: “Learn to love them, and it will indicate that you love Me!” And then we will become one, you and I, and we will enjoy each other! And know that I am giving you this game so you may see great means of advancement in these relationships with other people, which you and I cannot have!

After all, I am eternal and I am perfect: You cannot come to me with one attitude today and another tomorrow. I am the law of absolute bestowal, and today you are inadequate for it. Hence, you have no chance to approach Me, and we can’t be together!

But, in the meantime, play with this world. I arranged it so as to make you believe that people and you yourself change. I am giving you friends who aspire to the same goal and desire to come to me. It may be a game, but they are able to evoke in you the yearning for Me. You will play with them, and they play with you, and if you organize them so that they would seek Me, it will indicate that you yourself are on the path that leads to Me.

Start correcting your connection with the others and attain love for them, and you will suddenly realize that it is the same as to love the Creator. I myself cannot play with you as you are today. But I have set up the whole world for you at your level! Everything is designed just for that!”

If I perceive the world as such, then this entire world transforms into the means of reaching the Creator for me! Otherwise, no matter what my attitude to the world is, it will be getting worse. It will still try to awaken me to aim myself at the Creator.

However, instead of being my friend and walking to the Creator with me, he will act against me. After all, he will have to reveal to me to what extent I lack connection with the Creator and don’t wish to use this world accordingly.

Life will keep beating me to shake me up and say: “What on earth are you doing? Start using me correctly!” Hence, we see that all attempts to correct this world at the corporeal level make it even worse.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/7/10, “The Love for the Creator and Love for the Created Beings”

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