Attaining The Light From Darkness

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What is the principle of attaining Light from darkness?

Answer: The attainment of the Light occurs from the darkness that arises. The Light is the quality of bestowal and darkness is realization of our egoistic nature. (Itron Ohr Mi Toch Hosheh – the Light is evaluated in relation to darkness.)

You know, there’s a joke about a modern Russian man, who shows his friend a lighter that he bought at a specialty shop for three thousand dollars. The other exclaims, “That’s nothing! I bought the same lighter around the corner for six thousand dollars!”

Pleasure is not evaluated according to the object, but according to the way you evaluate it. When you buy something at a special store or obtain it with great difficulty, you receive more pleasure. The more parents invest in their child, the more they love him. We know that the more difficult it was to achieve something in the past, the more pleasant it is to reminisce about it and the more valuable it is.

This is because we feel the desire (Kli – Vessel), rather than the Light, and we make assessments about the fulfillment based on the desire. The greater the desire and the suffering, the stronger we feel the fulfillment. Therefore, we should understand that, when enough suffering has been accumulated through our efforts, we will become worthy of feeling redemption from evil.

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  1. so if i merely have the desire and my vessel is empty can i receive the light? or is my vessel filled with some darkness from not being a perfect person.

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