Has Everything Been Done?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: By what is our covenant held? After all, we don’t notarize it.

Answer: The covenant works very simply. Those who don’t comply with it are bounced from it at the speed of light since it is the Light that gives strength to our union when we have aspiration, agreement, and unity between us.

The union, the covenant of mutual guarantee, doesn’t need to be announced in words; it’s a certain level of interconnection. But, if a person has reached this level and is not establishing a connection, he is bounced off. To sign the “union contract” means for a person to complete the deal on his part. It’s OK if he is not quite ripe yet, but is already willing to restrict his egoism.

Let’s see, now, at the threshold of the upcoming World Kabbalah Convention to what extent everyone is willing to give themselves to this cause and think about only one thing: How do I become part of the collective desire and “lose myself” in it? Is a person participating in the preparation using all his potential? If not, he is deceiving himself and isn’t advancing.

Besides, we will certainly see it in him. The Light will expose everything like an X-ray. That’s when we will check everyone and see, if now, during the final run, he is prepared to enter the union. Everyone must answer for himself and examine himself. Can he do anything else for the common effort?

The time has come to engage the innermost forces of the soul. After all, it is right now when I have to decide whether I will pass through or not. There must not be any more delays; we are already lagging behind.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/22/10, “The Matter of the Will to Receive”

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