Egoism And Arvut

Dr. Michael LaitmanBecause of its nature, egoism doesn’t feel rewarded by sacrificing something for the sake of others. We are unable to imagine that by doing so, we will feel good. I may imagine that I will profit from the mutual guarantee, but I don’t see the need to annul myself before the others.

This is the mistake that the communists made: They wanted to use the law of Arvut (mutual responsibility or guarantee), but without the Creator, the force that implements this guarantee and unification. Everyone rises above himself, loses egoism, and annuls himself, but then, the energy to do work disappears.

Therefore, in order to ascend and unite, we have to attach the force of the Creator to ourselves from the very beginning. After all, no one but He will establish a connection between us because this connection manifests above egoism.

The Creator created laws that He implements. We can act solely from the consideration that He is the third participant who determines the final result and is present in every action. This outcome is always in His favor, and you always annul yourself in relation to Him. Then, the third component that you usually don’t think about takes the central position: He is the First, the Last, and the Defining One.

At that point, my goal changes: I want to aspire for this partner and do anything for Him. The system is for Him; I am for Him; the friend is for Him. This is how we ascend to the level of complete bestowal since the Creator is the property of bestowal that we attain between ourselves.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/15/10, “The Arvut”

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