Educating By Truth

Dr. Michael LaitmanEducating a child means bringing him closer to our world and the spiritual world. Over a short period of time, and particularly between the ages of nine until thirteen, the child has to figure everything out.

Education ends at the age of twelve or thirteen because children naturally stop hearing us. They act and attain on their own, not receiving anything from us. Therefore, we have to give them explanations and truth about what is happening in the world.

If we feed them lies, then it’s like poison that can never be removed from their consciousness. It distorts their worldview and to some extent separates children from reality, replacing it with an illusion.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that we cannot use analogies and legends when educating a child, but their form and boundaries must be clearly defined. It’s one matter if the child understands you are speaking to him metaphorically, and a completely different matter if he thinks that there really is a forest inhabited by animals he only sees in pictures and that these animals are able to talk to each other.

Everything depends on how you present things: In the first case a person becomes acquainted with the real world, whereas in the second, his consciousness and memory are pervaded by false images. Besides, we have to understand that in many regards today’s fairy tales come from ancient faiths and mythologies, when every object was thought to have a soul, an upper force, and a special influence on a person.
From the Talk on Education 9/29/10

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  1. Dear Mr Laitman,
    I enroll in Kabbalah a month ago.
    I read your statement about Education for teenagers.
    I am working on a project about the integration of Health Preservation Education in secondary school (11-13years old) in terms of obligatory independent subject.
    I took the idea from the Japanese Educational System, which is the only one so far having this subject in the School education. I develop it for the problems of my country (Bulgaria).I choose the middle school because could comprehend the facts and prepare for entering puberty.
    The aim of the Health Preservation Education is to acknowledge the true risks in the society which have impact on the health (such as nature, social and family environment), encourage self-recognition in the society, built health habits in terms of balance between social, physical and mental state. The educating method of this subject aims to improve communication, connection, creativity, by discussions, finding conclusions of problems etc. The subject will not have grates like the usual education measures. And hopefully will be comprehend as subject outside the ranking educational system, or equal to all of the others subjects. Health Preservation Education contents: physical, mental development, violence, stress, environmental pollution, waste managing, nature disasters, nuclear power, transport accidents, First Aid, CPR, drugs(including alcohol, tobacco, doping), STD, AIDS, nutrition etc.
    However as more as I study Kabbalah I see that this project is lacking the true matter , spirituality!
    I am afraid that even I really want the children to benefit, to please the creator by following the path and as much as possible my intentions are not egoistic, it will harm the children.
    Because is like a fake medicine which don’t cure the roots permanently, but only freeze the symptoms.
    I feel i should correct it, because there is nothing beside educating by truth.
    Could you please give me direction and comment on the project.
    Thank you!
    With Love Mariya

  2. Dear,
    I am interested to know more about you and I want to keep contact with you.It is very thought provoking.
    Thank you.
    Best wishes.

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