Building Myself

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe purpose of creation is to bring good to the Creator’s beings. The Creator is a good force that does good, and therefore, He gave us an opportunity to attain the most exalted state, to become similar to Him. We become equivalent with the Creator in two basic elements:

1. Independence. After all, the Creator is original, and man must be original in his actions; otherwise, he is not independent.

2. Bestowal. A person acquires the form of bestowal that must clothe in his nature opposite to the Creator. Thus, on the inside, man is opposite to the Creator, but on the outside, he is congruent to him.

By combining these two opposite properties within, a person builds his independence himself. Thereby, he doesn’t get out of the Creator’s hands, but grows independently. The rule of attaining independence is called the “covenant.”

This covenant means that I undertake building a human within me. The Creator provides all that is needed for it: a preparatory base, the fuel, desire of pleasures, the force of correction, and the power of fulfillment. I utilize these means. Contrary conditions emerge within me, a contrast between egoistic desire and the form of bestowal that I need to clothe in, and all of this together allows me to construct myself.

A person who accepts these conditions and aspires straight to the Creator is called “Israel.” He decides to attain adhesion and is willing to walk through all states and spiritual rungs. While he is at it, he understands that he must always walk with faith above reason; otherwise, he won’t be able to take one step, ascend, and approach the Creator.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/26/10,”All of Israel Have a Part in the Next World”

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