A Single Opportunity To Initiate Changes

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How can a person make sure that the Creator calls him to the Pharaoh?

Answer: This realization occurs gradually. First of all, a person senses detachment from spirituality, but doesn’t associate it with himself: “No, it’s not me who is deviating from the goal. I am simply going through a difficult time; it’s not my fault.” Then, a person applies more effort, envisions himself “a hero,” and, thus, advances.

Next time he feels even more heaviness of the heart. A black cloud hides his horizons, but he still doesn’t consider it to be “his fault.” However, this time, he connects the situation he is in with the Upper Governance and gets angry with the Creator: “Why is it so unfair? I don’t deserve it.” He applies effort again and waits until the new heaviness disappears. Once again, it does. Yet, a person doesn’t attribute this new change to the Creator: “Sooner or later, everything in life ends.”

The next descent brings him even stronger impressions. A person starts to better understand that this recurs once in a while. Now, his attitude is based on his prior experience since he knows that a descent always brings a certain change of states.

A person is helpless; he understands that he is not in control of his own descents and ascents. He screams and demands from the Creator not to keep him in the descent any longer. His helplessness gives birth to a certain mindset.

Eventually, a person begins to realize that he is “taken through” some sort of “therapy.” If he saw that everything that happens to him is done by the Creator from the beginning, it would have kept him calm: “Obviously, the Creator has a plan; even if today I am feeling very bad, tomorrow I will feel much better. I’ll wait.” This type of “acquaintance” with the Source of the Upper Governance can really promote our weaknesses and nullify our personal responsibility.

Therefore, it is worthless to plead with the Creator, the Law of Nature. We only have one option: to expose ourselves to the influence of the environment that is oriented toward the goal. Everything else is “rigid laws,” and only one formula in the system of these laws allows us to modify the coefficient: the influence of our environment upon us.

Consequently, we can achieve certain results by simple actions that we decide to do involuntary, out of despair. In the depth of my soul, I disagree with this situation, but I still demand from my friends to “wake me up” and prompt them to do it. This is how on this material level, we start modifying the whole system of laws.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/18/10, “Come to Pharaoh”

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