Becoming An Active Element Of Creation

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe Book of Zohar states, “Everything will be clarified in thought.” The Creator is an all-enveloping thought. He controls our desires with His thought and we need thought in order to use our desires. Unlike the Creator, our desire is primary and our thoughts are the result of the desire.

The plan of creation is similar to a field that fills all of reality and is one thought. Interestingly, many astronauts and astrophysicists who spend a long time studying extraterrestrial reality and who research cosmic space and objects start to feel that the cosmos is an expression of some kind of thought. And that is, in fact, so.

This thought creates creation, controls it, and brings it to the desired goal. We are the expression and result of this thought, which forces us to act. Our freedom of will lies in our ability to gradually rise to the level of this thought, to reveal the plan of creation, to start moving together with it in one direction, and to carry out all the actions not by being forced, but willingly and consciously.

Then we will attain the plan of creation even before it is actualized. We will think together with the Creator instead of receiving desires from Him and realizing them only afterwards. That is, we will go from being a passive part of creation to being an active part.
From the lesson on 10/21/10, “The Power of Thought”

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