Why People Hate Jews

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Why is there such a strong desire in the world to hurt Jews? Of course, it keeps Jews on their toes, but why Jews? Isn’t there some other nation to taunt?

Answer: There are many reasons why Jews are hated in the world, and they all come down to one: Jews don’t perform according to their function. There is an inner point of Light that exists in this group, a point of a mystical nature, which cannot be accepted and comprehended by others. Jews have something that makes them different from the rest of nations of the world, and it is something that the latter instinctively feel.

Jews are not just an underdog people but a special one. On one hand, they brought all the religions to the other nations. Jews’ forefathers are the gods those nations worship. For instance, the nations of the world often name their priests “Jacob” and give them other ancient Jewish names.

On the other hand, despite the fact that religion was taken from Jews, they still hold on to it and don’t wish to acknowledge the modifications the peoples of the world made to it. It seems that Jews are trying to prove, with their very existence, that they are correct and the others are not. The world can’t destroy Jews until they accept the other nations as their spiritual beneficiary. But they have to accept willingly, not forcefully, and not remain out of it all.

And if Jews don’t accept what the peoples of the world want them to, then the religions of the nations, their present world, and the future one they painted for themselves are worth nothing. This means that everything those nations have invented for themselves regarding the future world must be incorrect for as long as Jews exist.

From talks with Vladek Zankovskiy

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  1. Dear Rav Laitman,

    I have come across Kabbalah through an unusual path in studying Moses Hess whos writing had sparked a point in my heart. I am now taking classes at kabballah.info and am grateful for the opportunity to earn the path of correction and contribution. Thank you!

    My question is regarding anti-semitism. As Kabbalah has become more accessible and dissemination increases, why would we not see a decrease in anti-semitism? I would assume there would be an inverse relationship, however, anti-semitism is on the rise. Does there need to be total correction before anti-semitism declines and to what extent could anti-semitism be used as a measure of the state of Kabbalah in the world?

  2. Dear Rav Michael Laitman,

    First of all, I would like to thank you for your great website and blog which is so interesting. I have also noticed the rise of the Antisemitism. I just don’t see what I can do and I feel so powerless. But I also noticed another fact is that HaShem works in mysterious ways and gave different ways to reach Him that we can see in different religions: union with Him or merging as I read it on the site. Now on top of that I realized how important it is to feel united as a single people, globally. So why do Racists and Antisemits cannot realize that they owe much to the people of Israel instead of killing them with their words and deeds? That I will not fully understand.

    But I am sure that opening this Kabbalistic treasure to the world instead of guarding it jealously will help many to change their mind about the Jewish people and HaShem, Whom they derived their names, laws and customs from.



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